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" title="I, Retail: Three laws to protect customer experience from digital domination" alt="post image"/>
At Two West, we believe digital within retail is critical, but that certainly doesn’t mean it has to become less human.
Feb 25, 2011

blog : Digital in Retail

I, Retail: Three laws to protect customer experience from digital domination

Earlier this month, TV quiz show Jeopardy featured two former champions playing against a computer named Watson. While the story of man versus machine is as old as John Henry and the Industrial Age, the ending was a new one. In a Terminator-style twist, the machine dominated the humans.

What, as retail marketers, can we learn from this demonstration of silicon superiority? For starters, Watson is a wake-up call to anyone who may still have a “wait-and-see” attitude toward technology. Sophisticated digital retail experiences aren’t ten years away—they’re right here, right now.

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